What is CrowCalls, Inc?

A sanctuary in Nature
A natural setting where one may experience the true gift of serenity
A Center for Understanding and Inspiration

Why would people come to CrowCalls, Inc?

To find a quiet place just to be
To find one’s own answers
To heal a wounded heart
To seek resolution
To come in touch with their soul
To celebrate with “Soul” – Spirit of Universal Love

What does CrowCalls, Inc have to offer?

Meditative Walks
ChickadeesCircle Labyrinth
Windwalker Medicine Wheel
Forest Bathing Trails
Spiritual Celebration
Prayer Circles
Inspirational Classes
Naming Ceremonies

How did CrowCalls, Inc come about?

Creation of a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit, Public Charity
Ability to accept tax-deductible donations to support others
To support those in need who are unable to pay for services

Who founded CrowCalls, Inc?

Spiritual Ministers…Revs William and Martha Benedict
Members of CrowCalls-ChickadeesCircle